Wellspring Group clinicians provide competent, clinical mental health counseling that helps clients clearly identify their goals and move toward positive change. We take a holistic approach to clients' health; remembering that all people are simultaneously mind, body, and spirit. We believe it is most helpful to integrate all of these dimensions, as we equip clients to accomplish goals for themselves, couples, families, and communities. Many of our clinicians hold a Christian worldview and beliefs and are happy to integrate that into the therapy if the client desires.


We strive to serve each other and our clients with excellence and great love. 



Many people come to the Wellspring Group because they want "Christian counseling." That can mean a different thing to each person you ask. So can the word "Christian" for that matter. We want prospective clients to know that all our counselors are clinically trained, mental health providers. We all have (at minimum) a Master's degree in counseling psychology or marriage and family therapy. We all abide by the a specific Code of Ethics for our license(s).


We also want you to know that we follow the client's lead on how much of your faith is integrated into your counseling. For example, if you want to periodically talk about your relationship with God, we can do that with you. If you want to discuss your beliefs about God's omnipotence, spiritual abuse that you've endured, or your desire to trust God more, we can do those things as well. We will not tell you what to believe. We honor that God is doing something in you, and it is your counselor's job to come alongside that and be a guide, not a dictator.

The Wellspring Group exists to offer support, guidance, development, and resources for providers in private practice, big and small. Each Wellspring clinician has a clear vision and specific goals for her or his clinical practice, and enjoys a high degree of professional autonomy.

  • The Wellspring Group is a place where excellent mental health professionals want to work and never leave. We are able to provide support and opportunities for clinicians to live out their professional dreams in a sustainable way.


  • Wellspring counselors and therapists are leaders in the community, valuing strategic networking and outreach to local churches and businesses.  


  • We are a learning community. We frequently teach each other and offer our knowledge to enhance the success of one another.


  • Our clinicians are interested and involved in the community.  They regularly practice outreach through a variety of methods such as teaching, speaking, writing, mentoring, supervising, etc.


  • Our clinicians strongly value harmony and balance in our personal lives, so that we are able to best serve our community. We strive to serve each other and our clients with excellence and great love. 




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